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We are again sponsoring our yearly electronics design competition, named MasterpiECE Mania. The purpose of this competition is to design an electronics demonstration which would showcase the design talent at Michigan Tech.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:
* 1st place: $500
* 2nd place: $300
* 3rd place: $200

Project ideas include such examples as:
* A novel electronic synthesizer / musical instrument
* An Inverted Pendulum Robot
* Android Integrated device (home automation or robot control)
* Anything else you can think of.

This is a very open ended competition, we are looking for anything that will showcase tech talent in designing and building electronics systems.

To enter:
Submit a quick abstract containing a basic description of your project and the people on your team to

We have tools and resources available in the lab to help you complete your projects. If you need something, come and ask us, we can help with design tips, tools, sources for parts, and many other services. If you need something, just ask.

Dates to note:
Thursdays - we'll be available to help with projects if anyone needs help. This is the official day, but we're pretty much available at any time for help if needed.
Mid February - MasterpiECE Mania themed IEEE Electronics Workshop - we'll be showing you how to make something interesting, anyone welcome.
Friday 3/23 - Masterpiece Mania Judging - projects and presentations must be completed by this date.
Saturday 3/24 - Open House and presentations

Email all questions/comments/concerns to, or come and ask us in the lab.

The MTU IEEE Lab has a new Wiki!

A wiki has been recently been added to the MTU IEEE Lab webspace! It may not seem like much, but a well kept wiki can be an invaluable resource. As a lab, we all need to pitch in and document the lab, projects, events, etc. Some articles have been started, however there is much, much more to go. So, as a personal appeal from the Lab Leadership, we implore any and all members to peruse the wiki and contribute at least some content. Remember documenting lab equipment, events, on-goings, projects (personal and lab related), goes a long way when requesting funding and donations. So if you want the lab to sponsor more new and interesting projects, as well as make the lab better place, please help out.

MTU IEEE Wiki found here.


-Corey Abate

Rapid Prototyping Training Session: Friday February 3rd

There will be a training session to learn how to use the Rapid Prototyping Machine on Friday 2/3 from 5:00 to 6:00 in the IEEE lab.

Attending this meeting will qualify you to use the Rapid Prototyping machine without supervision, although it would be best if you ran your first few parts with a lab officer present.

We will be covering the following topics:
1.) Model Design
2.) Slicing
3.) Printing
4.) Cleanup
5.) Maintenance of the Machine

There is a good chance that the material may take longer than an hour to cover - either the session will continue late, or there will be a second session scheduled in the near future.

Email all questions to

Ham Licensing Exam: Saturday Jan 28th

There is a ham licensing exam this Saturday Jan 28th at 9:00am at Zion Lutheran Church 400 Ingot Street Hancock, MI.
There will be a study session lead by Evan Allen and Lealand Anderson in the IEEE on Friday Jan 27th at 8:00pm for anyone interested.

It costs approx $14 to go to the testing session, but once there you can take as many of the tests as you are able to pass (Technician to General to Extra).

Email with any questions

Rapid Prototyping Machine Working

Due to a generous grant from Arcelor Mittal, we have acquired and built a rap man rapid plastic extrusion machine. The device is capable of building any plastic object of any shape as long as the part is less than 8x8x10 inches in volume.

The machine is capable of producing objects using ABS plastic, a very strong material used to produce Lego® pieces and computer cases.

If you are interested in having a part printed or being trained to use the machine, come to the lab any time during reasonable hours (11:00 to 5:00pm) when there are likely to be officers present, or email